Max STL is a new St. Louis lifestyle magazine that fills a longstanding gap in the local media ecosystem. Our readers want to read well-crafted stories that are actionable, beautiful and inspirational; instead, they feel stuck between the fancy glossies and the snarky alt-weekly. Max STL guides men and women to the best shopping, dining and entertainment the city has to offer.

Maximizing St. Louis Lifestyle

We live in St. Louis on purpose. With the whole world at our fingertips, we choose to build our homes here, in a brick-hewn, unmistakably Midwestern metropolis that values grit as much as glamour. Outsiders are quick to call us a Flyover City, and we couldn’t care less; no one who thinks like that could ever make it here anyway.

Max STL is a magazine for people who thrive here: the artists, entrepreneurs and creators who continuously transform St. Louis’ unbounded potential into real progress (so if you’re one of the coast-bound pseudo-elite counting the days until your “real” life begins somewhere else, you’ve got the wrong magazine.) We find endless inspiration in the stories we hear from this class of makers, and yet we rarely see them covered in the city’s legacy media. While other outlets drown in crime headlines and clickbait, our team at Max STL decided there’s too much good happening in St. Louis to stay quiet any longer.

Our readers come in all types and styles because we believe anyone can maximize St. Louis lifestyle in their own unique way. We guide them toward the best the city has to offer with content covering sports profiles, style features, self-care & wellness, health & fitness, cooking & cocktailing, tech & gaming, nightlife & dining out, neighborhood guides, home style & DIY, travel & road trips, finances & investments, arts & entertainment, and more.

Join us, St. Louis, and we’ll make the most out of this city together.

Founded by the same team behind Missouri’s successful LGBT publication Vital VOICE Magazine, Max STL fulfills its mission to maximize the St. Louis lifestyle by championing our city through thoughtful coverage of just about everything: sports, style, health, tech, nightlife, travel, arts, cooking and more. We believe there’s too much to love about St. Louis.